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The Tao of 16 The Cow is in print!

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Are you ready to order? Follow the link to buy the book! It teaches about seeing through color and knowing that some people or animals who look mean are really just afraid. Dedicated to my first adventurer friend, Katie Bender Henry. 

About 16

Who is 16 The Cow?


The Tao of 16 The Cow is not about just another farm animal you would see behind a fence, chewing on grass. She’s a black female cow. She has large, furry ears and big eyes.  Natalie, the girl who used to live behind the fence from 16 in New Mexico, had made a friend. A cow friend. She had “talked” to a new animal friend without saying a word. Right there, behind the gate in the middle of New Mexico, Natalie had made an animal friend who would eat out of her hand.

16 loves a human, and the human loves her


And, 16 loves Natalie back. When she goes inside the house, 16 stands at the gate and waits for her. When Natalie goes away, 16 stays close to the house. It might be because 16 wants more alfalfa treats. But, Natalie knows better. 

Watch 16 eat the alfalfa treats out of Natalie's hand

More of 16 and her herd

When Natalie gets home and finds 16 ASAP. Or, 16 finds her.

The ugly cry video as Natalie gets 16 to follow her